Driveways and Patios


We can clean, refurbish or build a full replacement driveway or patio. Old, dirty stones and bricks can destroy the curb appeal of your home, while degraded patios can make your outdoor home life quite unpleasant. In this case, its time to upgrade your driveway or patio – and we’re first in line to help.
Resin bond driveways have become extremely popular in recent years. The benefits are numerous and they include the following:
  • They are highly aesthetic in appearance and enhance the character of the property, especially since this is one of the first aspects of the home one will see when entering it’s boundaries.
  • They are effective in draining away unwanted water and thus preventing puddling. With our recent cold winters, one will appreciate the fact that frozen water around the property will not be the hazard it could otherwise be.
  • They require little to no maintenance and weeds and grass growing through the surface are a thing of the past.
  • On condition that they are correctly installed, they can last a minimum of 15 years while still maintaining their original beauty.
  • A choice of 25 different aggregates means there is no shortage of possibilities to optimise your living environment with our resin bond system.

At Waymore Home, we recognise the beauty and functionality of the resin bond system and have made these our material of choice for newly installed driveways, patios and pathways.

Of course, we will be glad to help you with loose aggregate, flagstones, paving or tarmac surfaces as well. So, please don’t rule us out as your contractor in case you prefer these.

One thing we are sure of is that we will do everything we can to make your driveway, pathways and patio the way you want them to be so that each day you look forward to returning home to your Waymore Home optimised living environment.