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If you’d like to add some quality space and more value to your home, then we can help. We offer a bespoke service from the quote stage through to full construction and interior finishings.

You may want to consider basic construction work or even some high-spec materials to really enhance the space. Bi-fold doors are also an option that is becoming more and more popular. Note that the smaller the size of the extension, the higher the price will be per square meter. Also, considering the disruption to your normal lifestyle while the building is taking place, it may be a false economy to aim for a smaller build. Porches tend to be very pricey for the amount of additional space gained, while large back extensions can be very cost-effective.

Other factors that can affect a build are the composition of the soil, sloping ground, and nearby trees. Approximately half of the budget will take care of the construction while the other half would be for the interior

waymore home extension

What We Offer

We are able to cater to any of the various levels to which you’d like to be involved in the project. You may want to do it largely on a DIY basis, and thus saving yourself a large proportion of the labour costs, or alternatively, use us as a main contractor or any degree of involvement in between.

Since we would primarily be providing the actual labour and building part of the project, we normally ask that you provide us with architectural drawings in addition to any Planning and/or Building Regulation drawings at the pricing stage.

The following points would also apply to some projects:Topographical site survey
  • Structural Survey
  • Measured survey of the existing property
  • Site Insurance
Taking all of the above points into consideration, your dream home could be the one you’re in right now – with some tweaks and changes. So, why not consider an extension, conservatory or garage or loft conversion?
waymore home extension

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